Numb is Dumb

Not with writing, but definitely with the running.

I have felt so freakin’ numb and bored this week. While talking on the phone to my therapist about this numbness just a bit ago, I realized that maybe a part of it is because this has been my off week of training. Instead of running the 70+ total mileage I have been doing the past few weeks, I’m only up to 15 miles for this week as of now. Usually, I would have one of my off weeks consist of 30 miles, but this has been a really REALLY-off off week  due to the literal insanities of life…so here I am, with only 15 miles under my feet for the past 5 days. 

Ho-hum. Dumb. Numb. 


But! I’m in a fabulous mood right now because I’m running 32 miles tomorrow (which, I’m sure some of you might think is a different kind of insanity. And to you, I say pa-shaw. Get over it already). And, on this nice long run I’ll be running through a bunch of my favorite trails, instead of doing that really boring thing of running down the Lakefront Path to some absurd point, and then turning around and coming back home (all the while dodging the hordes of marathon training groups. I mean seriously people–can’t you understand that 2-abreast is the way to run in groups? Clusters of 25 joggers taking up the whole path, now that’s stupid). And, you know, the lake is pretty and all, but running for 2.5 hours while looking at it, only to turn around and see the same shit for another 2.5 hours…well, now that is really boring (not to mention mind-numbing…which can be good sometimes on a long run, but I’m in the mood for some eye-stimulus this weekend). 

So, in all of my excitement, I have also been recently informede by the (n)ever-trustworthy that there’s a 30% chance it will be thundering and lightening for the entirety of my run. That said, for anyone who personally knows me and lives in the area, if I’m not home by 2pm, then please come and find me. 

Here’s the route I’ll be running: 

What a mighty big loop that is.

And, for the extra cautious, curious, paranoid, and caring, click here  and you can zoom in on the map so you know exactly which streets I’ll be on. 

Wish me luck, and I’ll give some updates if I’m alive!


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  1. 1

    Mom & Clayton said,

    Good luck with your mighty loop this morning! We, too, in Colorado have had a forecast of 30% thundershowers for the past few days and are still waiting for rain. Remember those electrical storms in Elizabeth, CO where we would sit out on the deck and watch the lightening show in the sky forever?! Beware! When you see all the birds and squirrels take cover under tree branches, that’s a sign of s sure down pour. Well, at least it won’t be a boring run. We love you, Mom & Clayton

  2. 2

    Sarah said,

    First the inane and immature: you said abreast. Heh. Breast.

    Second: Have a phenomenal run. I know precisely how hard it can be to feel completely numb, and how hard it can be to figure out how to get some meaning and feeling back into life. I’m jealous that you are able to know just what will accomplish that for you – running, especially on gorgeous trails. When we do your overnight run in a few weeks can we go on the pretty north shore trails?

  3. 3

    Pat Hall said,

    Hey Chelsey, looks like your training is going well! Was your 32 miles nice viewing? Know what you mean by boring. To heal my feet of plantar fasciitis, been riding wind trainer every morning. Dealing with boredom for 45 mins. & preferring riding in the real wind, I close my eyes & listen to tunes…seems to be working. Of course closing your eyes on a run isn’t an option, but maybe views aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.

    Can’t wait to crew for you at Leadville in a few weeks. “Uncle” John is recovering, gaining strength through short bike rides & walks, and is excited to pace you 4 miles between treeline & fish hatchery…

    Love, Pat

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