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Five Page Thesis–Weekend Fun!

The above picture represents what I spend my weekends doing. Writing, editing, reading and drinking coffee for at least 8 hours each day. I’m totally in love with my weekends.


The result of these fabulous days is this: Hell yeah a new piece of writing!

Click on link and enjoy my 70 page thesis reduced to 5 pages. Take that, Loyola Women’s Studies MA program!


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The Eleventh Tattoo Celebrates Four Months of Sobriety

I became proud that I was gay when the upside down triangle painted like a rainbow on my right ankle told me so. A bird flies along my foot with an Om symbol on her back, and my stomach has memorized the moon cycle as it shifts around the sun. A woman sign is embedded on her forehead. An owl whispers words of wisdom from my left shoulder, as my dog nestles on top of a banner bearing her name on my left calf. I have a tree firmly rooted in my left wrist, and a leaf changing colors has fallen on my neck. I am a human thing, so says the inside of my right wrist. My left hand knows resilience, while my right hand experiences serenity. And my chest is always there to remind me I’m still alive.

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Mug Me


Prompt: Write about an obsession

Obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. I can’t resist buying coffee mugs even though I can only use one at a time. Who needs over a dozen coffee mugs for one person in a one bedroom apartment? Apparently I do. Mostly, I love collecting mugs from bookstores I’ve been to. While mugs have nothing to do with books, they are somehow an inexplicable and yet perfect pair of lovers.

I choose my mug for the day based on what a different mug will feel like in my hands. The color of it, its curve as it curls up into my hand, it’s weight and capacity to make my hand hot or neutral, and of course if it was a present or a personal splurge.

If I need to feel connected to my mother, I’ll pour my coffee in the handmade green mug with a beautiful design of a goddess-with-dreads looking image. My mother bought be this mug at the gift shop of some hot springs we went to when I was in Colorado visiting her this past summer. I was feeling ugly in my body that day, and scared to be in public in a bikini. The scars that line my arms and parts of my thighs are glaringly obvious to me, but my mother was trying to reassure me that they were barely visible. I was crying I was so scared to reveal myself to stranger eyes.

My mother hugged me and kept cooing to me that I was absolutely beautiful. After we finally settled into the naturally formed hot pools, I started to relax. My body started to feel like a part of me again. Later, in the gift shop full of trinkets and postcards, we saw these mugs. I didn’t say a word about how much I wanted one. But my mind was doing back flips at the possibility of owning one. Knowing I didn’t need another coffee mug, I firmly resisted making the purchase, and got out of the gift shop before my obsession got the better part of me.

In the car, my mother couldn’t contain her excitement.

“I just had to buy you this mug, because it reminded me of how brave and beautiful you are.”

This mug lines my kitchen wall along with its fellow sentimental mugs. I choose this green goddess of a mug when I need to feel settled in my soul, or if I’m particularly missing my mom that morning. I hug it between my hands, and I can feel my mother’s love and strength holding me.

Yes, you are a warm and beautiful human being.

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A Haiku to Wake Up To

Morning run with dog,

Blew snot rocket on her back.

Whoops. Sorry about that.

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Finding My Footsteps

Ran in a snowstorm this morning after waking up at 3:15–an hour before my alarm. Felt good to move with the quiet beat of snowflakes as they blanketed the ground. Everything was so still. The city was sleeping. I ran in the middle of the road, because for 4 miles these streets were mine.

I felt memories of Georgetown, Tx rising up from under my skin. I remember walking to class and meandering the empty streets under bright stars. The streets in this college/farm town were usually calm. I took up space as I walked in the streets, because there were few sidewalks to inhabit.

I miss the long runs on desolate country roads. Careening past farmlands as the sun rose. My only companions during those long hours were the cows and horses hanging out in the pastures I ran by.

How I yearn for that solitude. Living in the city has led me to search for those spaces. While not running alongside the lake on the path that stretches for 18 miles of this city, (and which is usually crowded with other runners) my eyes have adjusted themselves to recognize a different horizon in the distance.

Instead of wide open spaces that feel like home, I find familiarity in the pre-dawn hours. I find myself in these quiet moments when all I can hear are my footfalls and soft breath.

This city has become my home as my legs stretched out these past 4 years to find their footsteps here.

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Reason Enough


Oh my god. It’s a baby porcupine…reason enough for a post.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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New piece added

I posted another piece that I’ve been working on. This one is simply called “Dad”

Click on this link to it. It’s permanently located under the “What I’m Working On” section on the right side of this screen.


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