I’m Not a Staff Person, So Why am I Required to Attend the Mandatory Staff Meeing?

I soar and fly to try and figure out why–

Why lose myself in an attempt to feel like I choose myself?

You see, I choose this life and I choose who I be,

But I don’t have control over feeling so guilty–

For who I am and what I want,

I’m ashamed to state that I DO have wants.

I want to be a writer

-it makes me feel like a child.

I want to love my body

-it makes me feel like I don’t have the right to even be some body.

I want to be happy

-nothing has ever felt so false and sappy.

And this is what boredom inspires:

Therapy through (bad) poetry,

and to say I’m interested in the logistics of hall passes would make me a liar.


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