Finding My Footsteps

Ran in a snowstorm this morning after waking up at 3:15–an hour before my alarm. Felt good to move with the quiet beat of snowflakes as they blanketed the ground. Everything was so still. The city was sleeping. I ran in the middle of the road, because for 4 miles these streets were mine.

I felt memories of Georgetown, Tx rising up from under my skin. I remember walking to class and meandering the empty streets under bright stars. The streets in this college/farm town were usually calm. I took up space as I walked in the streets, because there were few sidewalks to inhabit.

I miss the long runs on desolate country roads. Careening past farmlands as the sun rose. My only companions during those long hours were the cows and horses hanging out in the pastures I ran by.

How I yearn for that solitude. Living in the city has led me to search for those spaces. While not running alongside the lake on the path that stretches for 18 miles of this city, (and which is usually crowded with other runners) my eyes have adjusted themselves to recognize a different horizon in the distance.

Instead of wide open spaces that feel like home, I find familiarity in the pre-dawn hours. I find myself in these quiet moments when all I can hear are my footfalls and soft breath.

This city has become my home as my legs stretched out these past 4 years to find their footsteps here.


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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    Ahhhh… are so right. There is nothing like the sound of your own feet tromping through fresh snow ( and soft pine needles, in my case). It’s comforting to find your own solitude make peace with your surroundings before the rest of the city awakens. Have a beautiful day. 🙂

  2. 2

    Cheryl said,

    So glad to see you blogging, again! Thank you for sharing. I agree that running in the early morning or late at night is wonderful.

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