To the Text


To the Text:

I am in this world of words, where everything comes together in a burst of thought. It begins as a steady drip. Skin. Fracture. Connection. Body. Space. Home. Heart. I nibble at the ideas. Peck at my thoughts. When the words start to rush forward, the brain is bypassed.

You have entered my system at night. You exit me before dawn. I am thankful for this cycle of events. I anticipate the dark, knowing this is when we shine best together. I go to sleep hoping to awake earlier than the already early hour to which I have set my alarm. I want more time.

My body has adjusted. It senses the rhythm of my mind. It knows when you are coming, when you are ready to arrive at this space with me. And it responds. Each night, an initial hour and a half of sleep, then I awake. Light a candle to ease open my eyes. This is the time when I feel still. When there is nothing but a small flickering light in the air between you and I. We connect. For a small chunk of time I move my fingers toward you. For the small amount of time before my mind realizes anything is moving. I giggle as I get away with something others might be jealous of.

And after the climax of this moment, after you have expressed yourself to me and I have taken note of all that we made together, of our words, I turn everything back over to the hours I should be sleeping. Forcing myself back into sleep, I drift away with the knowledge that you will be there, waiting for me to come back. A few hours pass like moments, and I return. Round two. You are there, like I knew you would be. We go at it again. The candles, the guiding words in the still dark. I settle into you. You find yourself in me. We find new meanings to what words can create.


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