Summer in January, Minneapolis Style

On the ground, my legs make the
          earth plural.
The multiple selves standing—
         I provide the space of proving
         the fact of more space needing to be provided.

As where one foot plants in the self-assured
         knowledge of
                  this is me.

As where another foot hovers,
         unsure of which earth
         on which to stand.

Because this is me standing,
         And this is me unshivering.
         And this is me,
         the plurality of


As where I sit outside,
         global warming providing me warmth
         with just a hoodie.
         Summer in January.


And I remember the sound of
         her voice in her whetted eyes.
And there was the hard conversation
         as where I held my knees up to my chest.
And the leather furniture clenched our bodies.
And our eyes took hold of the feel of
         hearts beating in rhythm,
         the cyclicity of our melodic conversing,
         skin stretching, closing in on the space inhaling
         between our bodies.
And I hear the late January sun striking her eyes.
Because there we were.
Because here we are.
And because this is the hard wooden floors
          that keeps us steady.
As where steady is a word that
         sinks into our bellies.
Because this is the space we need.
As where here I wait on a metal bench,
         the January cold not evident.
And I wait.
And I pause for her.
And I smoke.
And I write.
As where this feels right.
As where it has always felt ripe,
         the idea of her skin moving closer to mine.
As where the silver wisps
         of smoke and breath
         integrate into the air.
Because I wait,
And I love.

My feet planted on the ground.


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