Learning to Read


And here are my lips as I try to figure out the page. And here are my eyes that scroll along with the finger pointing to text. It is a story of a man and a cat. The drawings of the scene I ignore to try and spell out my own understanding. Understanding now lost. As where the vowels and consonants become only sounds, and speech breaks down on my tongue. As where there is a little girl finger trying to traverse her way across the page. I remember the cover of the book was blue. And I sat between the space left open between bunk bed and wall. As where here my body contained, I hoped to finally figure out where my hands did crawl. And the meaning slipping away, and the sound now the only thing left I can recall. Here, the text is tiny and Comic Sans in my kid eyes. Here I wonder what my eyes would make of the lettering now. And here are my current lips, whetting themselves to the memory of that first taste of unconquered text.


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