Who Am I?

Hello there. I’m Chelsey Clammer. I’m temporarily living in Austin, TX, before I head out to the mountains of Colorado. I came here by way of Minneapolis, MN, where I spent nine months compiling essays for a book. Now, said book is written, and is currently in the editing process.

What I write about: finding the concept of home in my body.

I received my MA in Women’s Studies from Loyola University Chicago. More importantly, I’m a writer. I’m an editor. I’m a feminist.

This blog used to be about my experiences with ultramarathon running, but now I’m using it as a space to get the little bits of writing out there–the things that I think are fun and/or good to read, but did not make it into my book.

Enjoy. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.


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  1. 1

    John M. said,

    Hi, Chelsey. Interesting, the strings that pull you this way and that. rgot. John M.

  2. 2

    Cassie said,

    Read you in Revolution House. Loved it.

  3. 4

    Scott said,

    Chelsea – It was great to meet you today. I would love to see you again and get to know you better. I find what you write about very interesting. Scott

  4. 6

    Scott said,

    How is the guide for Trauma Survivors coming along?

  5. 9

    Scott said,

    By the way… thanks for writing! Not just answering my post but all of the writing.

  6. 11

    I like your thought process and enjoy your nonfiction but please, please, if I am going to sign up and follow, change from the near blinding green theme. I can’t even focus my eyes! As an editor of a magazine called Blue Lyra review, I have been posting on the sidebar all my favorite blogrolls. I would like to see yours there!

    • 12

      Chelsey Clammer said,

      I like the green! But I’ll see what I can change. I would LOVE to be added to your blogroll, and I will add your blog to mine. Question: how did you find me?
      Best, Chelsey

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