“I Have Been Thinking About.” Cobalt, October, 2012

“Cut.” The Rumpus, October, 2012.

“Forty-two Blue Fires Burning.” The Writing Disorder. October, 2012.

“Infestation.” The Museum of Americana. October, 2012

“Her Hands.” The Rusty Nail. October, 2012

“Peach.” The Citron ReviewJune, 2012

“Pounce.” Off the Rocks Anthology, Forthcoming Summer 2012

“Triptych of a White Girl with Dreadlocks.” Kansas City Voices, Forthcoming Summer 2012

“Sabrina.” The Coachella Review. Spring, 2012

“Bipolar Bodies.” It’s All In Her Head. Forthcoming, Seal Press, Spring 2013.

“Hands.” Queering Sexual Violence. Forethcoming.

“On Grief.” Flagler Review.  Spring 2012.

“Hands.” SN Review.  Spring 2012.

“Bodyhome.” Revolution House.  Spring 2012.

“Story of BodyHome.” Stone Highway Review. Forthcoming. May/June 2012

“On Ecstasy.” Sleet Magazine.  Spring 2012.

“Grasp.” Spittoon. Spring. 2012.

“Objects of Desire.” THIS Literary Magazine. January 2012


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